Oliver Garcia was born 1980 in Switzerland. His Parents are Spanish Immigrants. He’s a self-taught Photographer since he’s 16 years old. His works involved long-term projects- devoted to a personal territorial identity.

No soy turista soy extranjero

For the last years I've been wandering through Glarus with my camera at night, looking for my identity, an almost obsessive drive. Inspired through my very familiar surroundings, I use them to meet People searching for company, for belonging, security, or simply for love—moments in which I feel both foreign and familiar. What is identity? What or who determines identity? Am I a guest here, who arrived in Glarus when I was born? A guest in my life? These are the questions that I've been preoccupied with as a foreigner since my childhood. These important questions to me were the building blocks for the project ‘No soy turista soy extranjero’ and, over the years, they have shaped me into the person I am today.