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near. was founded in Lausanne in 2009 and its principal aim is to promote contemporary photography. The association organises activities set around four main objectives: to promote and disseminate the work of Swiss and Swiss-based photographers for established talent as well as young artists; to enable a continuous cultural exchange between regions and among professionals in the field of photography (artists, historians, critics, curators, journalists and editors); to actively contribute to critical thinking on the subject of contemporary photography; and finally, to advertise Swiss photography to a wider audience. Among other things near. organises exhibitions, screenings, interviews, conferences and gatherings between professionals.

In the past, the association used to publish:
a monthly newsletter called NEXT, interviews, and other publications.



Anna-Tia Buss

Anna-Tia Buss (photographer)

Anna-Tia Buss is a Swiss photographer from Geneva currently based in Zurich. After obtaining her photography apprenticeship at the Vevey Photo School / CEPV she graduated with a Bachelor in Camera Arts from HSLU / Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts. Her work has been shown in several national and international exhibitions. www.annatiabuss.com

Ann Griffin

Ann Griffin (graphic designer)

(*1981, Lugano, CH) works as a graphic designer specialised in editorial design based in Zürich. She collaborates with publishers, photographers and artists on different projects. Her main focus is book design with a particular interest in photography books. She has also led numerous workshops in different art schools, and teaches at eikon, Fribourg. www.anngriffin.ch

Victoria Mühlig

Victoria Mühlig (art historian)

is a Swiss art historian and curator at the Musée d’art de Pully where she is in charge of contemporary art and photography exhibitions.
She graduated with a degree in art history, cinema and journalism from the University of Lausanne. Between 2014 and 2017, she worked at the Valais art museum taking care of the Prix culturel Manor Valais as well as many other exhibitions.

Damien Sivier

Damien Sivier (photographer)

Bio in the making

New committee

New committee members

Maeva Dubrez, Miriam Edmunds, Anne Gabriel-Jürgens, Anna Konstantinova and Audrey Zimmerli are joining the committee from spring 2024 — and will be oficially voted by the General Assembly at the end of the year.



Nassim Daghighian (founder of near.), and all past committee members.

Download the complete statutes of the association here


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Atelier Delachaux Photographie Sàrl, Lausanne

Atelier Delachaux Photographie Sàrl, Lausanne

The Atelier Delachaux Photographie, in Lausanne, is your one-stop shop for everything related to the world of fine art photography. Pigment inkjet printing offers multiple possibilities, such as printing on photo paper, FineArt printing (certified by Hahnemühle and Canson), wallpaper printing or poster printing to announce your next exhibition. The workflow is carefully calibrated and controlled to meet your highest personal expectations. The analog side of photography is the second major focus of L’Atelier Delachaux. We develop black and white and color negative films as well as color slides (C41 and E6 process). The following film formats can be entrusted to us: 135, 120/220, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10. The films can be processed in all three chemistries and in all formats. Members receive a 20% discount → www.atelier-delachaux.ch

Grussformat, Zürich

Grussformat, Zürich

Grussformat prints high quality postcards. The cards are produced once a month in Switzerland. Members benefit from a 20% discount on printed postcards → www.grussformat.ch

Mozworks, Lausanne

Mozworks, Lausanne

Production, Acquisition, High-End retouching, 3D/CGI, Proofing, FineArt printing 25% discount for near. members and 100 CHF/h instead of 160 CHF/h for retouching and lithography.→ www.mozworks.ch




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