Curious and eager to experiment, Matthias Forster moves between the different fields of photography and visual art. His visual language is characterised by clarity, originality and a playful use of light, form and colour. As a curious person, he does not follow a clear concept, but his instincts. In his work, he is particularly interested in the traces and legacies of people. With his sharp observations, he makes visible the everyday that is often overlooked.After studying architecture, he completed a degree in photography at the Lucerne School of Journalism (maz).


– 2021, Finalist for ‘Traces of Homeless’ at Lensculture Home 2021
– 2020, Shortlisted for ‘Wired’ at Athens Photo Festival
– 2019, Finalist for ‘Traces of Divergence’ at Emergentes, Braga Portugal
– 2019, Shortlisted for ‘Traces of Divergence’ at Athens Photo Festival
– 2020, 2nd Place for ‘Metropolis Sunday-Hongkong Series’ nd awards



– 2023, ‘Metropolis Sunday-Hongkong Series’ exhibited at IPFO Olten
– 2023, ‘Senseland’ exhibited at Fotoforum Zug
– 2022, ‘Metropolis Sunday-Hongkong Series’ exhibited at FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona
– 2021, ‘Metropolis Sunday-Hongkong Series’ exhibited at poivre-et-sel, Givisiez
– 2017, ‘Breathing Space of Hermes’, exhibited at BelleVue,Basel