Born in Poland, Małgorzata Stankiewicz is an artist living and working in Switzerland. Having trained her skills in analogue photography and alternative processes at the International Center of Photography in New York, what drives her practice is an interest in the material qualities and resilience of the mediums she engages with; how far and to what extreme can a photographic image be pushed in order to express a narrative before loosing it entirely? This question is what drives the experimentation as a form of expression within her practice.
In recent years, as her focus shifted towards the subject of natural environment and its human-imposed, impending degradation, it has become discernible how these two subjects intersect on a metaphorical pane within her work. This convergence of the two topics lies at the centre of all three of her most recent projects: ‘Lassen’, ‘cry of an echo’ and ‘Halides’.


– 2019, Foam Paul Huf Award, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (nominee)
– 2017, Unseen Book Dummy Award, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (winner)
– 2017, Kassel Dummy Award, Kassel, Germany (shortlist)
– 2017, FUAM Book Dummy Awards, Istanbul, Turkey (shortlist)


– 2018, cry of an echo, Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– 2018, cry of an echo, Galeria L, Dom Literatury, Fotofestiwal Lódz, Lódz, Poland
– 2018, Da Uno a Dieci..., mc2gallery & Ncontemporary, Milan, Italy
– 2018, Polish Paradise, Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Hamburg,
– 2017 Burning with Pleasure, Seen Fifteen Gallery, London, UK


– 2019, ‘Lassen’, published by Meta/Books, Amsterdam (upcoming)
– 2019, ‘Halides’, published by Alauda Publications, Amsterdam (upcoming)
– 2018, ‘cry of an echo’, published by Lecturis, Eindhoven
– 2015, ‘Das Dreieck der Liebe’, published by Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich
– 2014, ‘Nowhere Is Near Enough’, self-published