A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles, France, Fred Csupor lives and works in Geneva. He creates portraits of people, objects and places using a
frequentative, iterative method and a standard framework. Photography for him has a narrative trigger and he activates the story of his images by systematically using artificial lighting. He thinks of a frame and elaborates a composition. Currently, Fred Csupor has exhibitions in galleries and festivals in Geneva, Lyon, Paris and Berlin. He also works on publishing projects.



– 2017 La logique de l’Absurde (Film), French Institute, Madrid
– 2015 Traité de réalité (Quatre chapitres), The Square, Geneva, Switzerland
– 2014 La logique de l’Absurde (Film), Sélection officielle, Le Cinéma des Photographes, Paris, France
– 2013 La logique de l’Absurde, Retramp gallery, Berlin, Germany


– 2018 La Nuit (presque) Américaine, Geneva, Switzerland
– 2016 La logique de l’Absurde, Geneva, Switzerland