Ruben Hollinger (*1987) explores in playful undertakings his near and far surroundings and the people who are shaping them. In terms of education, he has exposed himself to the brainwashing of the University of Berne (sports science), the professional school for design (photo design) and finally the Zurich University of the Arts (fine arts) with an intermezzo at AMTAP in Chişinău. He works and lives in Bern.



– 2020, Peripheral Visions, Museum Zemstvei, Chişinău Moldova
– 2020, Open Exhibition, Warmbächlibrache Bern
– 2019, Diplome 19, Diplomausstellung ZHdK, Zürich
– 2019, Unesco World Nature Forum, Naters VS
– 2018, Lüchtturm Stadionbrache, Zürich
– 2017, SELECTION | AUSWAHL Photoforum Pasquart, Biel
– 2017, Brooklyn Liebefeld, Liebefeld
– 2017, Literaturtelefon, Zürich
– 2014-2015, VFG Young talents at UNO ART SPACE Stuttgart, Deutschland, F+F Zürich, Jungkunst Winterthur, ELAC Lausanne, Galerie Oslo Basel
– 2014, SELECTION | AUSWAHL Photoforum Pasquart, Biel


– Hollinger, Ruben, Nasene / Noses, self-published, Bern, 2020
– Hollinger, Ruben, ‘benni I love’, self-published, Bern, 2017,