Particularly interested in the role of art and creation in our daily environment, Martial Mingam defends a exploded vision of fields of expression and focuses much of his work in exploring societal and political themes. He lives between Paris and Fribourg (Switzerland). Graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins (photography) and the University of Paris VIII (theory of arts), he is also in charge of the R&D section of the 4th year students at eikon (the school of applied arts of the Fribourg canton). In 2019, he co-founded ‘Utopia3’, a non-profit association for human rights program editing. In the same time, ‘Caissons’ was born from a correspondence with architecte and writer Enric Llorach.


– 2010, Flowers, Nuit blanche et projets associés, Paris
– 2010, Natural-Reflx, Jardin botanique, Bordeaux
– 2015, Hors Pistes, Fondation APCd, Marly
– 2016, Mobili-té-tät-tà-ty, Fondation APCd, Marly
– 2016, Art Babel, Galerie Alexandre Mottier, Genève
– 2017, Art Babel, Playbox, Lyon